Kostenlose und persönliche Lieferung von Bayrischzell bis Buxtehude.
Dein Wunschmaß ohne extra Kosten.
Lokales Holz, das selbst deine Enkelkinder erben möchten.

Bauholztisch Konfigurator

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Vollholz. Unikat. Handgemacht.

Für jede praktische Frage eine emotionale Antwort. Wir sind die innovative Möbelmanufaktur aus Berlin und bringen den modernen Vollholz-Look im minimalistischen Industrial Design oder Landhausstil in jedes Zuhause.

FraaiBerlin ist der Tischler mit Designappeal. Alles geht, alles wird individuell besprochen, konstruiert, gebaut und persönlich bis ins Wohnzimmer gebracht. Alte, charakteristische Hölzer aus europäischen Wäldern fraai nach Wunsch zu deinem Vollholzmöbel verarbeitet – Lebe deine Geschichte, dein Fraai-Möbel lebt sie mit.


Ob Bauholz, Altholz Eiche, Esche oder Birke – dein Fraai Möbel ist gekommen, um zu bleiben. Auf den Tischen tanzen, ausschweifende Rotweinabende oder Kindergeburtstage – dein Vollholz-Unikat kommt perfekt geschützt bei dir Zuhause an und passt sich deinem Lifestyle an, nicht umgekehrt.

Ein moderner Zeitgeist, Nachhaltigkeit und höchste Qualität stecken in jeder Faser unserer Möbel. Tische, Couchtische, Kommoden, Betten, Regale, Bänke oder Hocker – wir lieben alle unsere Holz-Unikate. Aber das was FraaiBerlin wirklich ausmacht, ist das Herz der Firma – die Fraai Family. Wir tun alles, um deine Fraai-Erfahrung zum entspannten Waldspaziergang zu machen und stehen auch noch nach dem Einzug deines neuen Fraai-Mitbewohners stets beratend und unterstützend zur Seite.

Willkommen in der Bretagne ☀️

Auch unsere Möbel brauchen mal Urlaub. Wir haben ihnen eine kleine Auszeit gegönnt und sie auf eine Reise durch die Bretagne geschickt.

Ob französische #provence oder in der #bretagne – auch unsere Möbel brauchen mal Urlaub. ☀️

Es sei Ihnen gegönnt und euch natürlich auch 🌼 wir wünschen allen einen wundervollen Sommer mit viel Sonnenschein und Urlaub 😉

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Mittagspause! Zeit für ein Schläfchen? Wir empfehlen ja eher Bett Lussan oder Changy für den Power Nap am Nachmittag 😅

Tisch Vrolijk | Liv macht trotzdem ne gute Figur und ist bereit für's Mittagessen ☀️

#fraaifurniture #vollholzmöbel #designinterior #comfyhome #fraaiberlin #fraaistil #berlindubistsowunderbar #flowerpower
Willkommen in der Bretagne ☀️

Auch unsere Möbel brauchen mal Urlaub. Wir haben ihnen eine kleine Auszeit gegönnt und sie auf eine Reise durch die Bretagne geschickt.

Ob französische #provence oder in der #bretagne – auch unsere Möbel brauchen mal Urlaub. ☀️

Es sei Ihnen gegönnt und euch natürlich auch 🌼 wir wünschen allen einen wundervollen Sommer mit viel Sonnenschein und Urlaub 😉

#fraaimachtfrei #sommerinberlin #fraaifurniture #vollholzmöbel #frankreich🇫🇷 #madeinberlin
Mittagspause! Zeit für ein Schläfchen? Wir empfehlen ja eher Bett Lussan oder Changy für den Power Nap am Nachmittag 😅

Tisch Vrolijk | Liv macht trotzdem ne gute Figur und ist bereit für's Mittagessen ☀️

#fraaifurniture #vollholzmöbel #designinterior #comfyhome #fraaiberlin #fraaistil #berlindubistsowunderbar #flowerpower

Dir schwirrt seit Längerem eine eigene Designidee mit Vollholz und/ oder Stahl im Kopf herum? Sei nicht schüchtern und schreib uns eine Mail an kontakt@fraaiberlin.de oder ruf uns unter 0173 3683524‬ an und dein ganz persönliches Vollholz Einzelstück wird schon bald bei dir einziehen.

Noch Fragen?

Wirf doch gerne mal einen Blick in unsere FAQ, in denen die meist gestellten Fragen beantwortet werden. Wenn du hier keine Antworten findest, wende dich bitte direkt an uns und wir werden uns in Kürze bei dir melden!

Are Fraai furniture easy to disassemble and reassemble?

Tables, shelves, beds and closets can be easily disassembled whenever it’s needed with the help of a simple screwdriver. However, our dressers, sideboards, nightstands and any other furniture that we deliver in one piece should remain unbothered even when you need to transport them. Let us know if you have any special wishes!

Can I pick up my Fraai furniture myself?

Yes, you can. Pickups are possible at our workshop in Berlin, but you’d need to make an appointment with Albert beforehand.

I missed the delivery. What to do next?

In all cases, the time of delivery is set in advance, within a two hour window. We also call you on the day of delivery to confirm everything. If we can’t reach you or you don’t show at all, we’ll try to schedule a new delivery date. Sadly, in this case, you need to pay again for the shipping.

I ordered more than one piece of furniture. Do I need to pay extra for shipping?

No. It doesn’t matter if you’ve bought a single nightstand or five tables, as long as all of them go to the same address, we won’t charge you extra for shipping.

Who delivers my furniture?

We do. Seriously. FraaiBerlin’s very best strongmen are making sure that everything goes smoothly from the moment your furniture leaves the workshop until it reaches its new home.

Are the under-bed storage drawers sliding on rails?

No. Instead of sliding systems, our storage drawers are rolling on individual wheels.

Are there also oversizes?

There’s no such thing as “your size doesn’t exist“. We cut the wood where you want it. Whether you have a large family, a basketball team or you are a master of rolling around – we will create a bed landscape for you that is tailored to your individual needs.

Are you selling bed slats and mattresses as well?

Yes. We’re distributing the mattresses, bed slats and spring boxes of the German manufacturersRiposana andCreed that you can buyhere separately in our webshop. Please note that neither bed slats nor mattresses are included in the prices of our beds.

Can I choose the color of the metal parts of my bed?

Of course you can. Our furniture’s metal structures are available in all RAL-colors.

Do I need any extra support for a double bed slat-setup?

All our double bed frames are equipped with central support to make sure that your bed remains stable even when you load it with two separate standard or rolling bed slats.

How much space should I leave for my mattresses?

We recommend leaving a 5-15 cm gap between the mattress and the bed frame. That way, the mattress will fit tight while having enough space to move around without rubbing against the frame.

Will my bed slat fit in my new Fraai bed?

In 99% of the cases, yes. The standard insertion depth for bed slats is 16 cm, but we can build your bed in a way so that it will fit any other sizes as well.

Will the screws holding together my bed be visible from the outside?

Only if you want to. We love the rustic looks of displayed screw heads, but we can also build any of our furniture in a way so that any joints and screw heads would remain hidden.

Will my solid wood bed squeak?

Although the wood still breathes, we design our furniture to be not only rock-steady, but completely silent under any circumstances.

Can I choose the exact pieces of wood for my furniture?

Nature gives us the best designs. However, it is quite impossible to predict what patterns, cracks, how many knot-and wormholes old wood comes with as every piece has got its own character by nature. If you would like your furniture to have a certain appearance, we can change the color of the wood with the right kind of treatment.

How can I take care of my furniture?

Air humidity kept between 50% and 60% is ideal for the wood and minimizes the chances of developing cracks caused by shrinking. Also, avoid direct sunlight as wood can fade or discolor as a result of UV radiation.

Applying a layer of oil or wax at least once a year is essential to revitalize wood and keep your furniture in good shape..

How durable are the finishes on your furniture?

Fraai furniture is designed and built for life. All the metal surfaces are lacquered while wooden planks are sealed with natural oil to make them both durable and good looking. We recommend applying a new layer of oil or wax on the furniture at least once a year to keep the wood protected.

I discovered a crack in the wood. What can I do?

Cracks and knotholes are natural parts of wood and we love them. Old wood can also develop surface cracks over time, which give the furniture more and more character as it ages. However, if you aren’t satisfied with the looks of them, we are happy to send you a special wood filler kit free of charge and tell you how you can make them disappear forever.

Wormholes in my wood - should I be concerned?

Absolutely not. The abandoned wormholes are perfectly natural, adding a good deal of beautiful character to our old woods, some of which are over hundred years old.

Can the frame of my table be painted a different color?

Absolutely. All of our furniture’s metal parts are available in any RAL-color of your choice.

How can I avoid the legs of my table scratching the floor?

Say no more. We put felt on the legs of our furniture so you can move them around smoothly all day long, without damaging anything!

How can I calculate the ideal size of my table?

The general rule of thumb is to allow 75 cm of space for every person gathered around your table.

How much overhang do the tabletops have?

Unless you order otherwise, all of our tables – except the ones with splayed legs – come with an overhang of 5 cm.

How tall are the Fraai tables?

The standard height of our tables is 77 cm, unless you request otherwise.

What sizes are available?

Any size, seriously. We are building each and every piece of furniture individually to match the exact needs of its future owner. We can do smaller, bigger, longer, shorter, taller, thinner or thicker – it’s all up to you. So if you like a model, but you’d need it in a special size, we’d love to hear from you!

What’s the usual thickness of the tabletops?

Most of our tabletops have a thickness of 4 cm, but this can of course be customized to match your needs.

Will I trip over the legs of my table?

No. For safety reasons, our splay-legged tables have been designed in a way that the outermost point of the table’s metal structure is always flush with the top.

Do you charge more for individual designs?

FraaiBerlin = personalizable furniture. Therefore we do not charge extra for special requests, only for the extra material that’s going to be used.

Do you sell spare parts?

Yes, we do. Do you have the tabletop of your dreams lying around and you would need one of our bases to transform it into a true eyecatcher? Tell us what you are after and we will find a solution to build it for you.

How long does the Fraai warranty last?

The statutory warranty of two years is of course standard. But even after that, we are always approachable and will find a solution to any problem.

I damaged my Fraai furniture. Where can I get it fixed?

First of all, don’t panic. The great thing about solid wood is that there is always a way to repair it. Send us some high resolution photos of the damage. We will do everything we can to make your beloved Fraai piece as good as new again!

Is there a discount for returning customers?

There is only one way to find out!

Where can I go and check out Fraai furniture in person?

You are always welcome to drop by for a visit at our showroom in Berlin (Living Berlin, 2nd floor, Kantstrasse 17, 10623 Berlin). We make excellent coffee!

Do you do epoxy filling on sideboards too?

Of course. Although we prefer to let nature take its course, epoxy can be used on any wooden surfaces to fill up knot holes and cracks. Sealing your furniture with lacquer is also an option that we offer.

Is it possible to get special handles installed instead of the ones the sideboard comes with?

Absolutely. Send us what you had in mind and our carpenter will make sure that it fits your new furniture flawlessly.

Is it possible to have individually sized drawers and storage units for my commode?

Yes, it is. Our dressers, commodes and other storage units can be personalized down to the tiniest detail.

Should I secure my new shelves to the wall?

Fraai shelves are very stable, but with small kids around, it’s always good to be on the safe side. We do recommend securing shelves that are rather tall directly to the wall with angle brackets.

What is the standard distance between two shelves?

We don’t have standard sizing for shelves. When ordering, feel free to send us a drawing of what you had in mind. A simple hand-drawn plan sometimes tells more than a thousand words!

Will my large commode be delivered fully assembled?

Yes, we ship most of our drawers, sideboards, dressers and commodes preassembled and in one piece. Please, let us know if this could lead to any problems during the delivery.