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Let us make your office, store, home and much more a place with a unique fraai feeling.

We are happy that our furniture is helping people making their homes feel even more special to them, but we are always up for the challenge to bring a touch of fraainess into new, exciting spaces that are open to the public.
When collaborating with restaurants, hotels or stores, we design and build everything from scratch, always choosing the right types of wood for the task. However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t find some of these designs in our webshop!



Tea Bento is a true gem amongst tea lovers in Germany. Known for its otherworldly selection of tea leaves from all around the globe, the shop’s mission is to take tea culture to the next level.


La Empanaderia is undoubtedly one of the best places in the continent to get a taste of authentic Chilean and Argentinian cuisine. The fact that our furniture is being used by gastronomical embassies of this caliber makes us very proud and very hungry at the same time.


Rosmarie is the kind of restaurant where one can go every day of the week without the risk of getting bored. Combining our solid wood furniture with raw steel elements, we gave the restaurant’s interior a unique industrial vibe, making it even more cozy and welcoming.


For fans of Japanese sushi and grill, Konstanz’s own UMAMI’s is as close to heaven on earth as it gets. Big or small, round or square, all the tables in the restaurant were designed and built by Fraai Berlin, adding to UMAMI’s unmistakable, rustic charm.


The Almliebe store in downtown Munich is one of our favorite projects. Merging our industrial and classic, landhaus-style furniture, it’s two worlds colliding in an environment driven by fashion. For Almliebe, we went for a combination of natural surfaces, white painted furniture, raw steel elements and lumber with a slightly worn-in look to elevate the showroom’s unique classiness.


Seeterassen in Wandlitz is a lounge hotel in the nature-rich surroundings of Berlin. A place of rest that invites you to linger. We complemented this place of tranquility with our custom built timber & iron furniture & created storage space & the perfect workspace with design appeal. With a view of Lake Wandlitz & of course our beautiful solid wood furniture, this is a relaxing place to end each day.


When it comes to fair organic fashion, Hubert & Therese from Aachen stands for sustainably sourced raw materials and fair production for humans, animals and nature.
We were allowed to equip the great store with a lot of shelves. The pigmented lumber entirely according to the needs of Hubert & Therese was transformed by us into those furniture that today decorate their store and provides a great showroom for a variety of clothing. This store is worth a visit!

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