2240 3300  inkl. MwSt.

Bed in new oak – boxspring

Can be produced, delivered & assembled in 9 - 14 weeks

Source & Materials

New oak is a hardwood with a beautiful, smooth texture. The evenness of its grain makes it very tough and gives a warm vibe to the wood, making new oak ideal for minimalistic solid wood designs with a classic or industrial feel.

There’s no material that can compare to solid wood when it comes to bringing warmth and coziness to a space. For all of our products we use wood of the highest quality sourced from European forests.

Unless you wish otherwise, we use a natural oil for the finish, not only because we want the wooden surfaces to age beautifully, but because they prolong the life of our furniture, making them live up to our promise and last a lifetime, or two.

The metal frames of our furniture are lacquered or powder coated and lacquered to prevent corrosion. For some of our furniture, we artificially corrode steel parts before applying multiple layers of clear lacquer on them, making sure that the patterns stay intact and good looking for decades to come.

Dimensions & Options

This is our answer for all the box spring lovers outside. Get the Fraaicharme and get the perfekt box spring mattress from Creed, too!

The dimensions shown, are:
Width & length 160×200 cm
Frame height 32 cm
Floating height 15 cm
Total height 92 cm
Insertion depth for slatted frame 14 cm
Center support for two slatted frames included
Raw steel lacquered

Let it be a villa, an apartment, or a tiny house. We will make sure that our solid wood furniture fits your lifestyle, and when it comes to size, finish, colors, or materials, we can personalize each of our designs down to the smallest detail. We build for you with care and with all our heart!

Availability & Shipping

Your Fraai furniture exists so far only in your imagination. In stock, we have only exhibition pieces. In this way, we protect the environment and can focus on your unique personal solid wood piece. If you order several pieces of furniture, we will only charge for the delivery of one piece of furniture. We will contact you in time and make an appointment.

Delivery free curbside
Berlin – 70€
Germany – 170€
Benelux & Austria – 220€
Switzerland – By appointment.

Free delivery to place of use incl. assembly
Berlin – 100€
Germany – 200€
Benelux & Austria – 250€
Switzerland – By appointment.

By appointment in 13055 Berlin.

In Albert's words

This is our answer for all the box spring lovers outside. Get the Fraaicharme and get the perfekt box spring mattress from Creed, too!

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