Double Spring Box

Box spring bed slatted frame

Can be produced, delivered & assembled in 9 - 14 weeks

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Source & Materials

The cover fabric of the Double Spring Box is made of Seaqual®, a recycled material from Ocean Plastic. In addition, Creed uses materials that even after years still has the quality from day 1. Creed Home even gives a guarantee on that. Full 10 years.

Dimensions & Options

Turns any existing bed into a box spring bed, adjustable to body shape and weight. The box fits into any bed frame that would accommodate a standard slatted base. It rests on the support points or support slats of your bed frame and uses the space under the bed for additional spring comfort, then when it is needed.

Please contact us before choosing one of our beds in combination with the double spring box. We adapt all our beds optimally to the double spring box.

Still have questions about it? Please feel free to contact us.

Availability & Shipping

Of course, we deliver the double spring box together with your ordered furniture, so you don’t have to pay extra delivery costs for it.

We will contact you in time and make an appointment.

Delivery free curbside
Berlin – 70€
Germany – 170€
Benelux & Austria – 220€
Switzerland – By appointment.

Free delivery to place of use incl. assembly
Berlin – 100€
Germany – 200€
Benelux & Austria – 250€
Switzerland – By appointment.

By appointment in 13055 Berlin.

In Albert's words

The Double Spring Box sleep system is adjustable. So it can adapt to your sleep even if your sleeping habits, body shape or weight changes over the years.

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