2370  inkl. MwSt.

Cabinet made of lumber

Can be produced, delivered & assembled in 9 - 14 weeks

Source & Materials

Lumber is a type of pinewood, a popular and widely used material throughout the building industry. Lumber is a highly underrated material that is extremely durable yet leaves a lot of space for creativity. Thanks to our special treatment of the wood we can darken or enlighten the natural color of lumber, giving your lumber furniture a unique, rustic look that will only get better with time.

There’s no material that can compare to solid wood when it comes to bringing warmth and coziness to a space. For all of our products we use wood of the highest quality sourced from European forests.

Unless you wish otherwise, we use oil and natural pigments for finishes, not only because we want the wooden surfaces to age beautifully, but because they prolong the life of our furniture, making them live up to our promise and last a lifetime, or two.

Dimensions & Options

Dimensions/treatment shown, are:
Height 120 cm
Width 170 cm
Depth 45cm
Wood oil and natural pigments
Doors are push to open

Let it be a villa, an apartment, or a tiny house. We will make sure that our solid wood furniture fits your lifestyle, and when it comes to size, finish, colors, or materials, we can personalise each of our designs down to the smallest detail. We build for you with care and with all our heart!

Availability & Shipping

Your Fraai furniture exists so far only in your imagination. In stock, we have only exhibition pieces. In this way, we protect the environment and can focus on your unique personal solid wood piece. If you order several pieces of furniture, we will only charge for the delivery of one piece of furniture. We will contact you in time and make an appointment.

Due to the size of the furniture, it is only possible for our Fraaiteam to assemble it at your premises. They like good coffee!

Free delivery to place of use incl. assembly
Berlin – 200€
Germany – 300€
Benelux & Austria – 350€
Switzerland – By appointment.

Please get in touch with us, since we need to talk about dimensions and things to consider.
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In Albert's words

Countrystyle, minimalism, timber, handwork and lots of nature combined for a fresh Fraai wind in every home.

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